Us is me and me is Timothy. I live in Philadelphia, PA and travel around the country in search of interesting, hard to find, beautiful and forgotten housewares for your home, office, restaurant, apartment, beachfront mansion or farmhouse kitchen..

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved entertaining, throwing parties and being creative when it comes to serving food and drink. I grew up in the restaurant business in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Knife & Fork Inn, Atlantic City, NJ
Knife & Fork Inn, Atlantic City, NJ


I worked there as a busboy, dishwasher and garde manger. (a fancy name for a prep cook 😉 I went on to pursue other things in my life, but about 5 years ago I started collecting vintage restaurant ware,  dishware, Pyrex and other items for the kitchen and dining room that caught my eye.

I look at the things we serve food on and in as functional art. It’s meant to be loved, used and not just to be put on the shelf and forgotten. It’s part of the whole dining experience, whether you are cooking for yourself at home or eating out at a four star restaurant. I will confess to being that guy who flips his tableware over to see who manufactured it, especially if it catches my eye.

I’m a huge fan of vintage American, Japanese, and European tableware, barware and kitchen knick-knacks. No so much a fan of anything made in China. Most mass produced modern tableware seems to break much quicker than the stuff that grandma and Mom used to have… =(

I’m picky about what I take home with me on my travels around the country. Otherwise my studio workspace would be crammed even more than it is.. 🙂 I’m a fan of vintage Pyrex, and some of the Corningware and Centura patterns tickle my fancy. I’m generally not a collector of “antique” dinnerware. I’m a fan of colorful plates, geometric patterns and minimalist design mostly from the 60’s through the 80’s. Yes, the 80’s is considered vintage now.. 🙂

Items I look for:

Vintage Pyrex, Fireking and other glassware.


Centura by Corning

Mugs, coffee cups, often humorous and interesting.

Mikasa dinnerware. Colorful and beautiful patterns.

Cutlery from Germany, Japan and the US of A.

Vera Neumann napkins, tablecloths, scarves and other linens.

Scandanavian dinnerware; Arabia of Finland, Dansk and Finel.

French and Belgian cookware; Descoware and Le Creuset.

Japanese porcelain cups and mugs.

Snack trays and cheese servers; to make your hors d’oeuvres sparkle.

Colorful barware and glassware for drinks and cocktails.

American melamine dishware for outdoor dining and picnics.

Yes, I also collect sheets, towels and fabrics, with groovy patterns and colors.

A lot of other things. 😉

My old storefront in Portlandia, circa 2013:

F& J


I have migrated to the East Coast, Philadelphia to be exact. In the middle of the megalopolis of DC to NYC…
I’m working on opening my studio in the Melrose Park neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. There are lots of Korean markets, bakeries and restaurants in the neighborhood.

I’m currently selling items through my social media sites, but I am also available by appointment for viewing and purchasing items. More to come..